Build Your Own Pavilion

Build Your Own Pavilion is a joint project between the Serpentine Galleries and Kidesign, leading the workshops around UK for young people, aged eight to fourteen, to learn public spaces for the cities of the future and design their own pavilions. 

I created set of illustrations of the previous Serpentine pavilions using paper and paints to give tangible and playful nature of the pavilions.

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2000 Zaha Hadid

2002 Toyo Ito with Arup

2001 Daniel Libeskind with Arup

2011 Peter Zumthor

2005 Álvaro Siza Vieira-Eduardo Souto de Moura-Cecil Balmond-ARUP

2013 Sou Fujimoto

2007 Olafar Eliasson and Kietil Thorsen

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